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Which God Saves Us (You)?


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There will be a few questions for thought for each of the Letters in the book. Each question will be accompanied by references, including Bible quotes, quotes from other books, and (since the book was written 60+ years ago in "English" (as opposed to "American") some vocabulary definitions.

My favorite book of the Bible is Revelation. It’s so intriguing to look at all the things that God will do – and yet so many people will not understand – and will be deceived. And it’s not just at the end – it’s now too. The price to pay for this deception : devotion to Satan, the second death, an eternity in the place where God isn’t: quite literally, Hell.

Which god?    God or god? “Thou shalt have no other god before me.”   (Exodus 20:3 KJV) The New Site The Old Site Screwtape Letters Why?

There are lot’s of ways to look at the Lord’s Prayer.  This one may be different from what you’ve done before.

Part of the consideration will be some verses in Revelation, where we see what God has prepared for us.  

Another part, also from Revelation, will be how we have prepared ourselves.

Finally, there’s the great commission, where we look at how we have prepared our family, loved ones, friends, and of course - strangers.

Hope it gives you from fresh insight on this prayer that we say frequently.

The Lord’s Prayer

There are lots of problems in life.  This section is a look at a number of them - looking to the Bible for answers to those problems.  Not the place most people look.  But then, do most people find answers?  No.  

God promises that He will always be with us.  That He will always take care of us.  But where is He?

He’s in the Bible, for starters.  And if we don’t start there - He could be right in front of us, and we wouldn’t know it.  He could be giving us an alternative to the problems in our live.  But we wouldn’t have a clue that He’s trying to give us a way out.

These are the kinds of things looked at in “The problem of …”

Others items include things that we frequently question why they happen, disagreements between religions to see what they are and why they matter.

If you’re wondering about things like this - check it out.

The problem of …

Articles in June 2016

If God is everywhere, why is nothing different?

You won't find the word omnipresent anywhere in the Bible. But as Christians, we believe God is everywhere. So why don't we actually see Him and act like He's everywhere?

The Truth Will Set You Free. Maybe?

The truth will set you free. Maybe. It depends. Like - whose truth? how is it told? do you even want to hear the truth?

Abortion Ruling: God Given / Constitutional right to kill?

Is the Supreme Court really saying that we have a God given right to kill unborn human beings - and on top of that, there's no requirement to add protections for the women who may be at risk from the abortion?

A style of Christianity that few could find attractive

There's a reason Jesus said - “Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”

Born into “Christian family”. And hating it.

Don't live the Christian life of your family and friends - the Christian life that you don't want. Do live the true Christian life that Jesus offers.

Did God Change His Mind?

Did God change His mind about some of issues of this day? Or did our image of God have his mind changed by us? Do we know enough about Him to tell the difference? And - are we honest enough to even admit to the answer?

Rewards for overcoming

There are lots of challenges in life. We can overcome them - with the right help. And the rewards for doing that - are literally our of this world.

What’s Next?

What do you want on your tombstone? This is the end? or There's more?

It wasn’t on purpose

The things we do. The way we treat people. Without thinking. Or are we just refusing to admit that we're thinking?

What do we expect?

You go to church on Easter & / or Christmas. You think that proves you believe in God - and you have a ticket to Heaven? Do you really?

It Will Happen Again

What will it really take to end the mass killings, hate, violence, and other horrible things that happen in this world?

Do we have the leader we deserve, need or both? Revisited

So let's ask the question of all the candidates -

Do we need any single one of them?

Or are we getting what we deserve?

The Lord’s Prayer & Revelation

Bible Study series - The Lord's Prayer

The problem of killing infidels

45 times the Qur’an says Allah (Allaah / God) is oft-forgiving.  How then can one justify killing anyone who is thought to be an infidel?  Who is to say that God won’t forgive them?

At no cost?

Question everything. Is anything really free? Even your life - your choices. They are not free. Everything has a cost.

Why do rich people give their money away?

If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor ...

Jesus said that.

Folks joining Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet are doing that.


Do you fear God?

So now - the question becomes - do we love God because we fear Him?

Or - do we fear God because we love Him?

Awesome Special Effects?

Our best special effects in movies are nothing compared to what's to come.

Where Are You?

You probably think "Where Are You" is a person asking God where He is.  Wrong!

Well - sort of wrong. It is that.  Especially in the picture.

It's intentionally misleading. Actually, you may be surprised at the first instance of "Where are you?"

God or the Devil – who is winning you over?

It's not exactly the kind of message that's going to get a whole lot of people to be thinking - wow! we get to fight against the devil.

How many people are going to read this and immediately think - where do i sign up?  out of my way - i gotta get there now!

Three Tragic Verses – One Unavoidable Conclusion

When presented with the facts, no matter how much we don't like what they say -

sometimes the conclusion is unavoidable -

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New Articles

... Like you (I) did?

I listened to President Obama speaking to reporters at a NATO meeting. While he was talking about the shootings in this country, those shot by police and the police shot in Dallas - I couldn't help but keep saying - Like you did?

Are there guns in Heaven?

Some say Our second amendment rights are sacrosanct. That shocked me. But only for a moment. Then I remembered - people really do seem to believe this. I can't help but wonder, do they know what that means?

Ignorance of the law

Do you want an environment where Ignorance of the law excuses no man from practicing it? Or do you want an environment where money, power, and friends determine the outcome with no possible way to know what the rules are?

Refugees and Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary Cities and Refugees have been in the news a lot lately. But where does the concept of sanctuary cities come from? And what was its original intent?

Religious fundamentalism threatens global peace?

Have you ever compared the military careers of Jesus and Muhammad? Given that people blame wars on both religions, the true history is fascinating.

Truth itself is on trial

The attorney for the defendant is saying that more is on trial than just the matter of defamation. The way things are lining up, the real trial is going to be about whether or not the resurrection of Jesus was a real event - or if it was a fraud.

Articles in July 2016