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Which God Saves Us (You)?

There are lots of problems in life.  This section is a look at a number of them - looking to the Bible for answers to those problems.  Not the place most people look.  But then, do most people find answers?  No.  

God promises that He will always be with us.  That He will always take care of us.  But where is He?

He’s in the Bible, for starters.  And if we don’t start there - He could be right in front of us, and we wouldn’t know it.  He could be giving us an alternative to the problems in our live.  But we wouldn’t have a clue that He’s trying to give us a way out.

These are the kinds of things looked at in “The problem of …”

Others items include things that we frequently question why they happen, disagreements between religions to see what they are and why they matter.

Searching for answers to

The Problem Of …

Maybe not answers here - but certainly things to think about.

So - here they are.

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Jun 13, 2016

The problem of killing infidels

45 times the Qur’an says Allah (Allaah / God) is oft-forgiving.  How then can one justify killing anyone who is thought to be an infidel?  Who is to say that God won’t forgive them?

Jun 6, 2016

The problem of global warming

Q: What's the real problem of Global Warming?

A: Arrogance.

May 27, 2016

The problem of arrogance

 Ironically – arrogant people avoid the very things that might  even give them more to be arrogant about!

Apr 18, 2016

The problem of religion and Politics

The simple fact is – in my opinion – neither part gets what Jesus taught.

And therefore, unfortunately, “the church” isn’t really supporting what Jesus taught either.

BTW – did you notice how “my opinion” became fact?

Just checking to see if you’re paying attention.

Nov 21, 2015

The problem of registering Muslims - or any group

There’s this saying about when you point – some number of fingers point back at yourself.  Some say three.  Others say four, although my thumb isn’t capable of pointing back at me without a great deal of effort.  Either way – the “point” (pun intended) is that there are more fingers pointing back at us than there are pointing at the person to whom we point.

Sep 16, 2015

The problem of healing (or not)

Does God still heal today?  Yes.

What does the word “heal” mean?  That depends.

Sep 14, 2015

The problem of "a better place"

What are we really doing when we say someone’s in a better place?     

Being nice?  We think so.   

Lying?   Maybe? Probably?

Aug 10, 2015

The problem of hope

Hope.  A problem?  Absolutely!

Jul 19, 2015

The problem of ignoring laws

More and more, it seems that we live in a world where we pick and choose the laws we want to follow.  Even the President does it.

But is there a down side to this?

Jul 13, 2015

The problem of global capitalism

Is this true: "If you think greed is bad, wait until you hear about global capitalism"?

Jun 22, 1015

the problem of sadness

Is sadness ever a good thing?  If you said no - think again.

Apr 9, 2015

the problem of the death penalty

Do you  know where the death penalty really comes from?  

Apr 4, 2015

the problem of tolerance

It seems all sorts of people are calling for tolerance.  However, different people have different definitions of what tolerance really means.

Mar 7, 2015

The problem of inerrancy

Is the question whether the Bible is inerrant -

or is it exactly what does the Bible say?

Do people even know what it really says?

Feb 14, 2015

The problem of rules, part 2

We hate rules.  But could we live without them?  

Take the game of Monopoly for example.  There’s lot of rules.  And we follow them.  Especially when we can use one of them to nail one of the other players.  

Yes – rules are awesome!  Until they apply to us.

Jan 29, 2015

The problem of predestiny

Let me ask a question here.

A very important question.

Did God / Jesus lie when they said the offer of salvation was for all?

Jan 1, 2015

The problem of caring

Caring can be depressing.  

That seems odd.  Maybe even wrong.  But it’s true.

Dec 28, 2014

The problem of rules (part 1)

Rules are for suckers, right?

No one follows rules anymore.

Except for one really important instance.

Know what it is?

You’re probably wrong.  Think video games.

Dec 27, 2014

The problem of faith

Does faith come from circular logic?

Or is a leap of faith the only way to the truth?